Psalm 118:17

I will not die, but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Since I have been off of chemo, I have not been sick which is a wonderful thing. And I am getting more strength back each day. However, the fluid in my abdomen has come back. My doctor said it could be my liver causing it. She said that my liver may be functioning like cirrhosis because of the chemo and all the medications I have been on. So, she has put me on diuretics and some other stuff to help clean out my liver. I'm just praying that it's not the cancer. My pain has come back and I am having to take pain medication again. Just keep the prayers coming as I continue to ask for total healing.


  1. Kelly...I know it stinks to have set-backs but try to focus on all the good things that are happening. Your body has been through a major war and there are bound to be repercussions. God has brought you this far. He will not let you down now!! I've been thanking God each day but now it's time to get back on the prayer train to get you through the recovery process. Try not to think of the "what ifs" but just focus on being healed (I know..easy for me to say)!! I love you so much and am going to declare that you ARE in remission!! Ths is just a bump in the road. Read the book of Habbakuk. God tells him to stand on faith!!

  2. Good to hear from you again. Glad that you are gaining strength again too. Continuing to pray for total healing! God is so good. Enjoy those babies, aren't they wonderful. Love you.

  3. Kelly...I still believe that you have been healed. I am praying continuously for God's strength to carry you through the remainder of this season. Remember, through Christ's strength you can endure ALL situations, ALL seasons.
    Love you...