Psalm 118:17

I will not die, but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Well, I'm home from my 7th treatment. Three more and he will order my pet scan. Looking forward to seeing the results and knowing they are going to be good. Chemo went well. I did not feel too bad at all this time. My doctor was pleased once again with my progress. He smiled big when I told him what my ph was. He was again pleased with my lungs and the lesions of the skin are GONE! He could not find the lymph node in my clavicle that was very easy to feel and could not feel any under my arms, although they were difficult to feel from the beginning. He did not measure my tumor this time because it is so difficult. But, feeling it, he said it has definitely shrunk in size. There is alot of soft tissue now and it's hard to find the margins between the tumor and my scar tissue from previous surgeries. There was no soft tissue to be found a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, I was very pleased with my progress as well as Dr. K. Depending on the pet scan results, he will change me to going every other week or once a month for treatment. It will be so nice not to have to go every week. Although, I have become very attached to all of the girls out there and will miss them. Begin to pray for miraculous results in three weeks on my scan. I want it to shock everyone! And believing it will!


  1. Good news....good news....and more good news....just what the great Healer ordered!!!

  2. kelly, so glad to hear all the good news!! I think of you everyday and pray for you and your family. Our lives are going to be so boring when you do not blog anymore.
    love Stacey

  3. That is such fantastic news!! But we shouldn't expect any less!! It is so cool to see this miracle happening right before our eyes!! Just think what your story will do to witness to others.'s overwhelming! So glad you are home safely. Love you so much....

  4. Kelly - So proud of you and for the testimony you are living out loud for all of us! God is indeed good and the very Great Physician!! A day doesn't go by without kneeling before the throne for you. Still fasting on Thursdays for you!. With God going before you and a boatload of prayers, you are going to totally beat this thing and we are all going to see the Name of the Lord be praised and lives changed....I know mine already is! Love you Kel. Praying for you, Ian and those precious little children of yours. They are learning more about our Heavenly Father and how He loves to answer our hearts desires at their young age than most of us did. God Bless you!!!!!!

  5. Hey Kelly,

    Jason Jackson came by and asked about you and when you would be back... We would love to come out to you guys even one day when you are here and pray with you and bring lunch or something. I will email your mom too... Let me know.


  6. Know you are on your way to TX today. Just thinking about you and praying for a safe and successful trip. Love you!!