Psalm 118:17

I will not die, but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I am so excited to tell you all, that Maddie's birthday party was a huge success and I was able to participate in the entire evening without my oxygen! Woo! Hoo! The girls started out with swimming, then dinner, dancing and on to the spa party. Aunt Robyn did everyones hair, Aunt Jamie and Aunt Jenn painted nails and toe nails and I did make-up. They looked so beautiful when they were all done! We had the most spectacular cupcakes that Aunt Jamie made that were rings, nail polish, mascara bottles, q-tips and high heel shoes. She did an excellent job and the girls thought it was great! They then watched Girls Just Wanna have Fun and moved on to Truth or Dare! They had to run around the house in the dark, eat dog food, wake up Aunt Jamie by tickling her nose and finally ended up in the pool at 1:00am. Finally at 2:00am they were all tucked in and all the adults crashed. I'm not sure how late they stayed up whispering and giggling. Everyone was up at 7:00am and Grammy had cinnamon rolls made. One more dip in the pool and by 10:30am everyone was gone. Phew! I made it! I spent most of the day in my Mom's chair with my oxygen and completely exhausted, but filled with joy that I made it through the night! She will be officially 10 years old on Saturday and I am so thankful for those 10 years. When something grips a hold of your life you begin the look through different eyes. I watched her all evening and just soaked in her sweet smile and thanked the Lord for giving me a chance to be her Mom. She kept kissing me all evening and telling me how happy she was that I was there. My eyes spill with tears as I sit here and write this. I am thinking that two weeks ago I was in the hospital fighting to breathe and have been so sick since I have been home. But, the Lord has come through as He always does and given me the healing and strength to be there for my little girl. I was not able to shop for one thing for this party. My Mom took care of all the food and decorations, Jamie took her shopping for the gift bags, invitations and made all the cupcakes and Robyn took her shopping for snacks and fun things for the party, bought her gifts from me and Ian and spent alot of time on hair last night. I am so grateful for each part that they played to pull this party off. I just had to show up.
As far as my progress goes. I will have chemo on Tuesday. I had this week off, which was also a blessing. It worked out perfect for her birthday week to not be so sick. But, I am back on for the next three weeks in a row. I then see the surgeon on Thursday to evaluate if I can have the tube taken out of my lung. It is not draining any fluid and I am doing pretty well without my oxygen. I gain strength little by little each day and feel like I have turned a corner. I will let you know as the week unfolds as to what happens next with my appointments.
I know this was a long one tonight, but was so excited to share my joy!


  1. Kelly, I so enjoyed reading your blog tonight. Thank you for putting such effort in to describing how perfectly wonderful your night was with Maddie's party. What an answer to pray that night was!!! We continue to pray, always, always, always. =)
    --Kelly and family

  2. Praising God for such a wonderful memory made with your precious Maddie and the celebration of her special day! I'm still praying and fasting for you Kelly! Your God story is unfolding a page at a time and I'm grateful for this one story we can know the end...Christ victorious through your life! Love to you and tons of hugs.....I'm so proud of you, your parents and your sisters! What an amazing testimony!!!

  3. Its so wonderful to read and rejoice in these events, thank you for sharing them with us. The party sounds like it was perfect! What a hidden blessing of "seeing things through different eyes". Its amazing to see God work good for the "bad". Hooray for turning corners! Love you and will continue to pray.

  4. I loved hearing the excitment in your words as you relayed your Maddie's big day! It sounded like a blast! You have such a wonderful, loving family and friends. My constant thoughts and continued prayers for your strength and healing. Love you!

  5. I am praying so hard for your chemo treatment to go well today with no nauseau and for positive results on your CT scan!! I realized yesterday that you minister to me so much more than I do to you. Your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable help me to be more honest with myself about my fears and worries. I think you are helping all of us to submit ourselves completely to God and to put ALL our trust in Him. I love you so much it hurts. My prayers will never cease.