Psalm 118:17

I will not die, but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chemo went pretty well yesterday. I saw Dr. McKeen after treatment and tried to get alot of things squared away. She changed alot of my medication and started me on new things to help with the side effects. She put me on a appetite enhancer and hopefully this will all help. My mouth is what is so painful right now. I can hardly swallow anything for the sores and it's just raw skin. I can't taste anything, which makes eating not even enjoyable. And I love food! Jamie brought me home from chemo and I slept for a little bit. Woke up feeling weak, but not nauseous. Later last night I started to feel the best I have in a while as far as my body goes. No aching and all that. I did not sleep again last night, which still seems to be an issue, but I'm feeling ok so far today. Just pray that my mouth gets better and I am able to get food down. I need nutrition to get my strength back and that is a real battle for me right now. I also got my CT scan results. My lungs looked very good, the cancer had not progressed any further in my lungs. It seemed to stay the same. But, she said that was to be expected until I get more chemo. The fluid around my heart seemed to be a little less as well. She also measured the tumor in my breast and it is down another inch from last week. So, every little thing I hold on to and take it one day at a time. I'm thankful for good news this week. I see the surgeon tomorrow about the tube in my lung. It is still not draining anything, so hopefully I will be able to get it out. Keep the prayers coming and I ask for strength to keep my head up. I've been struggling with being sick for so long and trying to remain positive. I am also having self esteem issues. My hair is on it's way out and I am trying to hold on as long as possible. My sisters say it's not as bad as I think, but I just don't look like myself anymore. I have lost so much weight and I just don't feel like me anymore. It is hard to look in the mirror at times. This is just another level to this disease and I will work through it. I did the first time, it just takes some time. The Lord has fearfully and wonderfully made me, Right?


  1. YES Kelly...The Lord did make you and you ARE a product of HIS hands..You are His Child and He loves you and WE all do too!!!! So happy to hear of Dr. McKeens findings...HOORAY!!!! Keep on Keepin' on Kelly...Im praying you through...LeAnn

  2. Yes, Kelly! You are His beautiful creation. No matter how you see yourself on the outside, know that the light of Christ shines through you so brightly. Your faith is such a testimony of how good the Lord IS!! His promises are true...and He works ALL things for good (Romans 8:28).
    We are so thankful for the positive news you received and are praying continuously for healing.
    --Kelly and family

  3. Kelly,
    When I saw you last Friday I thought you looked beautiful. I thought as sick as you've been, you had your hair done, your make up on and had put on a cute sundress. I went home and thought I'd better pull MYSELF together! Yes, God made you a beautiful woman inside and out. We are praying for you.